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Frequently Asked Questions

*Details are subject to change prior to the sales process.


1. Who is involved with the development of Showboat Cottages? 

• Engineer: The Cullipher Group, P.A.

• Architect: Errol J. Warren

• Builder: S.F. Ballou Construction Co.

• Preferred Closing Attorney: John Harris

• Listing Agency: Mary Cheatham King Real Estate

2. When is this development set to break ground?

A: Vertical construction has begun. As always, construction timelines are dependent on supply availability and materials. 

3. Is there a deposit required at the time of contract?

A: Yes, two deposits – 5% at the time of contract and 5% 45 days later. Both are building deposits written to the development team, and both are non-refundable. 

4. What funds are due at closing?

A: A $2,000 capital reserve contribution will be due at closing to build up the association’s reserves, along with the total insurance premium for the year.  The current policy, effective through 1/11/25, is $5,242.50 per townhome and will  be prorated at the time of closing. 

5. What can I expect to pay for HOA dues?

A: HOA dues are $951 per quarter. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

6. How are future insurance premiums handled? 

A: Moving forward, a quarterly insurance assessment (currently $1173 per quarter) will be collected and held by the HOA for payment of the following years' premium at its renewal date.  

7. Can I rent out my cottage?

A: Yes. There is a 30-day rental minimum.

8. Will my cottage have ample storage options?

A: In addition to a one-car garage, there will be storage for outdoor equipment. There will also be ample closets and floored attic for interior storage. 

9. Do the cottages have elevators?

A: Each cottage will include a 4-stop elevator. 

10. May I install a fence?

A: Yes, a fence will be allowed and must follow guidelines regarding placement and materials. Cottages 3-16 may have fencing 7' off the bulkhead. Cottages 1 and 2 could have fencing around the porch area but not beyond. 

11. What will be included in the appliance package?

A: Range, microwave and dishwasher will be included in the appliance package.

12. Will the project be gated?

A: No, Showboat Cottages will not be gated.

13. What are the septic system details?

A: The two units in a building share a septic tank and pump tank. It will be a peat moss system that will require maintenance once a year by an operator (operator is an HOA expense, as the tanks are common elements). 

14. Can my attic space be finished?

A: Due to building code requirements, the attic space must remain unfinished.

15. How much room is there to park at my cottage?

A: There is approximately 50' of 11' wide driveway between the house and the right of way. The driveway will have 4 single stacked spaces, including the single car garage.


16. May I customize my townhome with finishes and upgrades?

A: Yes! There are FIVE packages to choose from for your cottage's design and finishes. In addition to finding these documents on the Details page, see below to learn more about each package:

  1. CLICK HERE for Standard Design Package

  2. CLICK HERE for Brushed Nickel Design Package

  3. CLICK HERE for Matte Black Design Package

  4. CLICK HERE for Champagne Bronze Design Package

  5. CLICK HERE for Custom Package Information 

  6. CLICK HERE for Additional Upgrades & Pricing

B O A T   S L I P S

1. Does a boat slip come with the purchase of a cottage?

A: Yes. When you purchase a Showboat Cottage, your boat slip will be located steps from your cottage. Slips are various sizes. Please refer to the Showboat Site Plan for dimensions of each slip. 


Slips 10-18 will include 16,000-lb. Tide Tamer lifts. Slips installed by the developer. For the remaining slips, purchasers may add lifts following closing subject to developer approval.

2. Will there be water and shore power at each slip?

A: Yes. Water and shore power for each slip will be tied to the individual unit.

3. Will there be storage for boat trailers?

A: The storage of boat trailers is not permitted on site.

4. What will happen with the two additional boat slips (17 & 18)?

A: Since not specifically assigned to a corresponding townhome, slips 17 & 18 may be offered for sale to townhome owners at a later date

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